Conundrum: too much beautiful

Hey everyone,

Here I am in Siem Reap, Cambodia, trying to figure out how the heck to share with you the wonders of Angkor. There are so many temples! Do I go on the order I visited? Do we go chronologically based on when they were constructed? Do I adapt all of Wikipedia to describe what I’ve seen? Do I just dump on all the photos and say ‘Here! Pretty!’? (At least I know the answer is no on the last one!)

Bear with me a little longer as I get this post under control. In the mean time, look how astoundingly beautiful Cambodia is!

On Phnom Kulen, which means mountain where lychee fruit grows

Imagine swimming in the pool at the base of this 10m waterfall, surrounded by crashing water, waves and cool mist while fishes nibble your feet. (Maybe the Coloradans don’t need to imagine, I hear there’s quite a bit of falling water there lately!)


Grab yourself a cold can of Bud Light, pretend it’s Angkor Beer (tastes about the same) and relax;

Cambodian beer water

I’ll post again shortly!